Find out by scheduling a sewer inspection in the greater Chicago, IL area

If your sinks drain slowly or sewage has backed up in your home, you need to find out what's clogging up your pipes. Sewer scoping is minimally invasive, so it's the preferred method of examining household plumbing lines in the greater Chicago, IL area.

NMN Royal Home Inspection can perform a sewer inspection to check your pipes for damage. In many cases, we've discovered...

  • Tree roots growing through plumbing lines
  • Blockages created by oils, grease and other debris
  • Leaks that contributed to flooding in basements and backyards
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We'll record everything for your peace of mind

Sewer cameras may be tiny, but they're surprisingly effective at locating blockages, tree roots and other damage. We'll record the footage so you can see what's inside your pipes.

We can send a sewer camera up to 100 feet inside your pipes to root out the problem. Reach out today to learn more about our sewer scoping process.